Saiorse’s Mum Live cuddling her liitle one at her naming ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a very special and meaningful way of celebrating the birth of a child and welcoming the new arrival into the family and the wider community and bringing a  'sense of occasion' to the event.

It is also an opportunity for parents to make their vows to their child in front of family and friends and for chosen adults to confirm their special relationship with the child.  

It is a unique and memorable occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for the a child's future development.

Timing of Naming Ceremonies varies - a few weeks/months after the baby is born, on your child's first birthday or whenever you choose!

Structure is flexible but usually consists of the formal naming of the child; vows by Parents, Grandparents and the chosen Supporting Guardians, interspersed with poems, readings, music of your choice.

Content can be what you choose! Readings, vows, songs, for instance. The options are limitless and,if some religious content is required, then a blessing or hymn is fine. Celebrate in your way. The Ceremony can be as simple or ornate as you want.

People say to us "I wish these Ceremonies had been available when my baby was born. We didn't want a christening but we would have loved a formal Ceremony!".

Now you can have an 'official' day dedicated to your baby or child - one to look back on as the day you introduced and welcomed them into the world. We'll give you loads of ideas if you want us to and, will be there as your formal Civil Baby Naming Ceremony Celebrant to provide structure, formality and a smooth celebration.